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Drifting hotel in Dubai: new concept of luxury

Modern hotel business goes far from traditional concepts of hotels. Flying, floating, high tech hotels offer new level of luxury.
Not so long ago British liner-hotel Queen Elizabeth II has moored in Persian Gulf. As it became known, Dubai prepares the worthy answer - from the Emirates yacht Aquiva, which promises to become the biggest all [...]

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Best Western represents new resort at Maldives

Best Western wants to arrange more resorts in Asia and in the Near East and represents a new resort on Maldives. The first property of the company - Best Western Madoogali Resort&Spa - is on own island of Northern atoll Ari, which is in 70 kilometers to the West from Maldivian capital Male.
The hotel has [...]

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13 best resorts of Italy

Tyrrhenian Sea is the best vacation spot in Italy according to the data of Italian ecological organization Legambiente and tourist association Touring Club Italiano.
Really, at coast of Tyrrhenian Sea there are many resort cities, which have won «5 blue sails» - these distinctions are awarded by Legambiente to the purest and most beautiful zones of [...]

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