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KLM gives flowers to passengers

On April, 21st, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines have started special action. In honor of celebrating of 90 anniversaries KLM gives entrance ticket in the biggest in the world park of flowers Keukenhof to all passengers, getting air ticket to Amsterdam on a site of airline.
In addition to pleasure from walks in park Keukenhof passengers will [...]

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10 most mystical places of Asia

There are many places In Asia, which possess divine properties. These magic places give inspiration, and treat many diseases.
Dungtse Lhakhang, Butane
Dungtse Lhakhang, the hill you need to climb, actually is a body of a demon and only magic force of a temple hides this demon. By the way, you have to receive special permission of [...]

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Safest countries of the world

Iceland, Denmark and Norway have become the safest countries for living. According to the results of organization Vision analysis of Humanity, which made safety rating of the countries of the world, Czech Republic has occupied 17th place.
Iraq, Somalia, Sudan and Afghanistan are in the end of the list. The estimation was made on the basis [...]

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