Moscow is the most expensive city for tourists

Despite the global instability of the economy, which caused by financial crisis, prices in Moscow hotels once again prove that expensive visitors need expensive reception. Russian capital wins first place in the list of the cities with the most expensive hotels in the world.
According to the report of the British company Hogg Robinson Group, which are engaged in the organization of corporate trips, world financial crisis has considerably lowered prices of hotels of some European and east cities, including Paris, London, Zurich and Hong Kong. Prices for accommodation at Moscow hotels have even decreased on 19 % for the first months 2009, but Moscow is still leading in rating.

Nowadays business tourists stopping in Moscow, pay in the average $447,46 for the night. It is the little more than a daily payment for stay in Abu-Dhabi hotels ($422,77), which is on the second position in the list. It is worth of mentioning, that economic capital United Arab Emirates, unlike other cities of rating, has got up on some positions upwards, having left far behind 8th place, which it occupied last year.

London, New York, Milan and Geneva are among the most expensive cities. Hong Kong, Copenhagen and Rome are among beginners of first ten.

So, here is Top-10 Cities with the most expensive hotels:

Moscow ($447, 46 per night)
Abu-Dhabi ($422,77 per night)
Paris ($335,26 per night)
New York ($329,9 per night)
Milan ($315,19 per night)
Geneva ($311 per night)
Hong Kong ($301,79 per night)
Dubai ($301,28 per night)
Copenhagen ($299,40 per night)
Rome ($295,76 per night)

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