Drifting hotel in Dubai: new concept of luxury

Modern hotel business goes far from traditional concepts of hotels. Flying, floating, high tech hotels offer new level of luxury.
Not so long ago British liner-hotel Queen Elizabeth II has moored in Persian Gulf. As it became known, Dubai prepares the worthy answer - from the Emirates yacht Aquiva, which promises to become the biggest all over the world, will soon go to London. Having moored at coast of Thames, it will turn to the smart hotel, which visitors can feel all delights of rest on a yacht near to the historical centre of the British capital.
Aquiva is to be opened in the beginning of 2012. The hotel will be calculated on 300 visitors who can admire modern beauty of business area of London Canary Wharf and admire the well-known stadium O2 known also as Millennium. Design of hotel will remind the sailing form of hotel Burj Dubai, and also a huge construction under the name 531ft Dubai. Unlike usual yachts, Aquiva will have no engines, and it will be delivered by tow.
It is supposed, that yacht hotel occurrence will be dated for Olympic games-2012, which will be held in London. Instead of the captain’s boat the vessel will be equipped with presidential suite. Yacht will have 7 decks, and the water line will be in 22,5 metres. Each suite will be equipped with Jacuzzi and barbecue. To reach coast, hotel loggers should take advantage of special water taxi, constructed in the Venetian style.
Hotel will meet all requirements of 6-star hotels. However, in view of adverse economic climate, Aquiva will have only 5 stars.

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