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World Bank has published the report on world economy development. In the report (2005 International Comparison Program Preliminary Global Report Compares Size of Economies) the data of 2005 are compared, the statistics covers 146 states. Also in the report the price level in the various states on the basis of this calculation is compared and the most and the least expensive countries for life are revealed. If the price level is equal to hundred points, it means, that it is identical to a price level in the USA. If the price level exceeds 100, the country is more “expensive”, than the USA if it is less 100 - less “expensive”. The average price level for the world makes 81 point.
Iceland (has received 154 points), Denmark, Switzerland, Norway and Ireland are the most expensive to residing and business countries. The USA (100 points) is on the 20th place, having conceded to France (115), Germany (111), Japan and the Great Britain (on 118).
The price parameter of Russia is equal to 45 points, Kazakhstan - to 43, Georgia - 41, Armenia - 39, Belarus - 36, Azerbaijan and Moldova - 35, Ukraine - to 33. Latvia and Lithuania have received on 53 points, Estonia - 62.
The life in Tajikistan (24 points), Ethiopia, Gambia, Kyrgyzstan (28 points) and Bolivia is the cheapest. For comparison, Saudi Arabia has received 64 points, Egypt - 28, Venezuela - 55, Sweden - 124, Turkey - 64, Israel - 83, Czech Republic - 60, India - 33, Iran - 30, China - 42.

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