Scandal in Radisson network

Company Radisson Hotels and Resorts has informed on information leakage from computer systems of some hotels of a network. It is known, that within seven months malefactors had access to the files containing names of lodgers and their credit cards numbers.
Radisson declares that it would be very difficult to find out the exact number of stolen numbers of credit cards. According to the words of Radisson’s representatives, criminals, they could receive codes of debit cards and information on terms of their action. Numbers of the social insurance have not been stolen.
Information leakage proceeded during the period since November 2008 till May, 2009. Radisson has learnt about it from Visa Inc and MasterCard Inc.
According to David Chamberlain, Radisson’s official representative’s words criminals stole data “from certain hotels during certain time”. He has refused to disclose, how many hotels have suffered from attack of unknown hackers.
Radisson Hotels and Resorts operates 415 hotels worldwide.

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Resort Jumby Bay will open magnificent SPA-salon in Antigua

In 2007 resort Jumby Bay in Antigua has been recognized best resort of Caribbean islands, however, the recognition of public has not prevented closing of resort; it has been caused not only by crisis, but by total updating of Jumby Bay ($28 million).
After the reconstruction Jumby Bay has got the magnificent spa-salon Sense designed by [...]

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Moscow is the most expensive city for tourists

Despite the global instability of the economy, which caused by financial crisis, prices in Moscow hotels once again prove that expensive visitors need expensive reception. Russian capital wins first place in the list of the cities with the most expensive hotels in the world.
According to the report of the British company Hogg Robinson Group, which [...]

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MSC Splendida has included Malta in cruise line

Company MSC Cruises has included Malta into its cruise program: unique in the world 6-star cruise liner MSC Splendida will come into port of Valetta in the context of program «Malta - Italy - France - Spain - Tunis». This program will last up to November, 16th, 2009. Cruise program for 2010 has been also [...]

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The most expensive EU countries

European Union Official statistical department Eurostat has published research of consumer expenses in EU member states following the results of 2008. In calculation cost of a foodstuff, alcohol, tobacco, household electronics, personal transport, habitation and residing rent in EU hotels was considered.
Denmark, where expenses households exceeded an average level on 41 %, has become the [...]

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